Ord Om ordet

Hl Maria Magdalena

After the burial of Jesus, his Apostles hid behind locked doors ‘for fear of the Jews’. What about Mary Magdalene? Was she not afraid? It would be odd if she wasn’t. As the known follower of a branded man, she was at real risk. She hurried to the tomb on the first day not because she was fearless, but because she knew a desire that made fear seem insignificant. So intense was her longing to be with Jesus, to grieve by his side, that she cast caution to the wind. That energy of love qualified her to be the first witness of the Lord’s resurrection. It made her, as the Greek liturgy has it, ‘the Apostle of the Apostles’. From this we can draw a practical lesson. When we are fearful (or downcast or merely indolent), the best remedy is not always to deal hands-on with our trouble, which is apt to entangle us in confusion and self-pity. We emerge victorious not by fighting darkness but by fostering our desire for light. And the light will kindle in us that love which casts out fear. Out of hopelessness we shall hear the voice of Jesus speaking our name. We shall know him to be alive and true to his promise: ‘See, I am with you always!’