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Conversation with Jason Evert

For twenty years Crystalina and Jason Evert have run what has become known as The Chastity Project. The project, based on the theology of the body of St John Paul II, has endeavoured (very successfully) to develop a pedagogy of embodied living for young people. This work has been an inspiration and help for countless women and men, a real apostolate for our times.

The first thing you see when you visit the project’s website is a JPII quotation: ‘Do not be afraid when love requires sacrifice’. The emphasis, though, is not on grim mortification, but on the perennial challenge to become a human being fully alive, apt to reflect God’s glory. Jason’s podcasts are unafraid to address specific issues, issues often considered so thorny people shy away from them. Consider ‘What Your Sexual Desires Reveal About You‘ or ‘Healing Marriages from Porn‘.

A thread that runs throughout the project is the motto, ‘Lust is boring’ – with the implication that the opposite is actually interesting. The hypothesis is borne out by the available material, whose hallmarks are fearlessness, intelligence, and, yes, joyfulness.

I was privileged to speak to Jason last week about my book Chastity: Reconciliation of the Senses. He has snazzily named the episode: ‘Master Temptations Like a Monk!’

You can listen to it here.