Collected here are articles and reviews that have appeared in print, as well as a presentation of my books. There are a few interviews and some sound material, notably my reading of the Gospels in Greek, a project that remains work in progress.

Conversation with Stig Fossum

25 May 2024 Rikspodden
It worries me that modern European usage pretty universally displays an impoverishment of vocabulary. The less able I am to draw careful distinctions between different terms, the more susceptible I am to simplifying generalisations, prejudices, and sheer silliness. Continue reading

Conversation with Johannes Wieczorek

16 May 2024
Discourse about renewal in the Church can sometimes regrettably seem like a battlefield with opposing fronts - there is no shortage of big guns with heaps of ammunition. It is important, then, to listen out for the still small voice, to look out for modest but fruitful initiatives sprouting in unlikely terrain, like wildflowers. Continue reading

Conversation with Magne Vik Ravndal

9 May 2024
It is phenomenal, this message - Get ready to live! The older I get, the more I am convinced that many people expereince a kind of arrested potential for life; they know they have it in them to exist with a higher degree of intensity than they actually do; and it can be frustrating to find that this ability is not realised. Continue reading

Conversation with Sarah de Nordwall

23 April 2024 Radio Maria England
The pedagogy of chastity presupposes frank recognition of who I am and where I am.  Continue reading

Conversation with Anna Leonardi

10 April 2024 Tracce
If I conceive of myself as the sun in a universe of extinct stars, I will always remain the sole subject of a relationship. Sure, I may realise that others exist, but I do not see them as meaningful. Continue reading

Conversation with Malina Abrahamsson

5 April 2024 Dagen
A conversation about the working out of vocation, the nature of obedience, and embodied credibility. Continue reading

Conversation with Kristine Dingstad

18 March 2024
On 15 March the Norwegian Bible Society launched its first edition of the Bible published with the 'Catholic Canon'.  Continue reading

Conversation with Thomas V. Mirus

23 February 2024
A conversation about the language of music, the meaning of chastity, the redirection of eros, the potential of human nature - and many other things. Continue reading

Conversation with Luke Coppen

14 February 2024 The Pillar
To stand one’s ground is to have the courage to keep getting up, to resist the temptation to think, ‘Oh, since I have fallen already, I may as well just wallow in the mud for a bit.’ Climacus says, ‘Don’t dawdle’ - that’s good advice. Continue reading

Conversation with Daniel Capó

10 February 2024 Ecclesia
The way to chaste integrity passes through honest confrontation with the incoherences and passions we carry. The model could be transferred to the body politic, where one tends to project these things onto others, shunning catharsis and — if you admit the term — conversion. Continue reading