Collected here are articles and reviews that have appeared in print, as well as a presentation of my books. There are a few interviews and some sound material, notably my reading of the Gospels in Greek, a project that remains work in progress.

A New World

19 January 2024 The Catholic Herald
Hesitation is ancient and nocturnal, the antidote to youth renewed ‘like the eagle’s’ through Paschal waters, to life in ascent. Continue reading

Credo Column

15 January 2024 The Times
We often forfeit, it seems to me, a view of human beings broad enough to appreciate what complexity may be contained, given time, within a person’s equilibrated destiny, unfolding through inevitable struggles, supported by friendship, to creative maturity.  Continue reading

Conversation with Piotr Bednarski

10 January 2024 EWTN Polska
A conversation touching on many topics under the general heading 'transmission of faith in beauty, truth and freedom'. How can an effective mission be configured today? Continue reading


24 December 2023 ABC
What was manifest in Bethlehem, such is the Christian claim, is more than the singular grace of a specific destiny. The ‘sign’ reveals a renaissance of humanity, called to relinquish chimeras of self-sufficiency, to abjure the lie that man must be to man a wolf, to pursue peace — pertinent prospects for us who ascertain worldwide the erosion of notions of the common good. Continue reading

On Fiducia Supplicans

21 December 2023
In the Gospel, we find Christ receiving all mercifully. But his mercy was always salted with truth. Continue reading

Papal Preface

14 December 2023
In times hostile to faith, how does one calculate risk? How does one know when caution is called for, when intransigence? Continue reading

Mission2030 – a Letter

4 December 2023
I invite you to consider the time leading up to 2030 as a time for mission: by virtue of our baptism we are all sent out as witnesses to the grace we have received. We wish to communicate that grace through prayer and liturgy, through a culture of vocation, through catechesis, and through charitable work. Continue reading

Chastity: Review of Reviews

24 November 2023
To publish a book is to launch it on a course of its own. The author looks on with wonder as it travels to unexpected places. Continue reading

Conversation with Jason Evert

16 November 2023
A thread that runs throughout the project is the motto, 'Lust is boring' - with the implication that the opposite is actually interesting. The hypothesis is borne out by the available material, whose hallmarks are fearlessness, intelligence, and, yes, joyfulness. Continue reading

Conversation with José Luis Restán

12 November 2023 Encuentro Madrid
What is friendship, and how can we cultivate it? How do we deal with polarisation in the Church and in society? Continue reading