Collected here are articles and reviews that have appeared in print, as well as a presentation of my books. There are a few interviews and some sound material, notably my reading of the Gospels in Greek, a project that remains work in progress.

Conversation with Pablo Cervera

10 November 2023 Religión en Libertad
It can be enjoyable to be an anarchist – at least for a while, and as long as the anarchy of others doesn’t interfere with mine. Continue reading

Chastity: Reconciliation of the Senses

12 October 2023
The Church refuses to either absolutise or materialise eros and, in consequence, sexuality. That is, here and now, a counter-cultural position to assume, but the here and now will pass, the Christian vision of human nature endures. Continue reading

Conversation with Charlotta Smeds

5 October 2023 Vatican News
A conversation about freedom, fashions, maturing, the fear of death, the longing for beauty - and hieroglyphs. Continue reading

Teach Yourself Egyptian

5 October 2023 The Tablet
On 27 May Cardinal Hollerich, ever unafraid to say the unexpected, said that if we try to speak to people of our time about chastity we are likely to seem to be ‘speaking Egyptian to them’. I had just sent my London publisher a manuscript entitled 'Chastity', so had I in effect written a manual of Egyptian? Continue reading

Conversation with Luke Coppen

3 October 2023 The Pillar
When theologians and clergy speak of sexual morality and chastity, one sometimes gets the impression that they have never themselves inhabited, for any length of time, a human body. Continue reading

Outdated Virtue?

29 September 2023 Roman Nights
What is really required is a pedagogy of chaste living. Having forgotten what the word actually stands for, we've reduced chastity to an unobtainable ideal, almost a caricature: the image of a virgin in a white dress in a tower - a reality beyond reach! Continue reading

Episcopal Vicar for Synodality

19 September 2023
The chief task of an Episcopal Vicar for Synodality is thus to help the bishop ensure that everything that happens in the Prelature, in administration and pastoral care, is focused on the Lord Jesus Christ and his Gospel, our source of new life. Continue reading

Conversation with Andreas Masvie

13 September 2023 Minerva
"By all means, there is no lack of polemic in more or less engaged Catholic circles, but much that is presented as in tune with modern tendencies and needs is in fact discreetly perfumed by mothballs." A conversation about tradition and innovation, sense and senselessness. Continue reading

Book Review

12 September 2023
'Bishops of the Lutheran Church of Norway are often criticised for meddling in politics, so one asks oneself: is the Catholic bishop also, now, trying to become more political?'. Continue reading

Arrival of Priests of the Sacred Heart

3 September 2023
‘Great things take time’, Cardinal Newman liked to say. Continue reading