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Conversation with Sarah de Nordwall

I was fortunate today to conduct a conversation on Chastity: The Reconciliation of the Senses with Sarah de Nordwall, a careful reader.

You can find an audio recording of our conversation here.

The pedagogy of chastity presupposes frank recognition of who I am and where I am. […] We would do ourselves and others a disservice were we to pretend that life is simple. Living is a complex business, quite often a painful business. One of the things that Biblical revelation does with such astonishing courage is to spell out the extent of the pain we can entertain as human beings. But it will also insist that there is ‘a balm in Gilead’ and that pain (be it the pain of loneliness or the pain of betrayal or whatever it might be) can always, if we live that pain in faith, if we try to live it in God, be a path of growth and maturity that can bear fruit in compassion.

Adam and Eve by Edvard Munch, painted in 1909.

Now in Munchmuseet, Oslo