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Conversation with Kristine Dingstad

On 15 March the Norwegian Bibel Society launched its first edition of the Bible published with the ‘Catholic Canon’.

The notion ‘Catholic Canon’ refers to the fact that the Deuterocanonical Books are integrated in the right order, where they belonged also in our part of the world before the so-called reformation. you can find out more about this issue here.

At the launch, which took place at Litteraturhuset in Oslo, Professor Anders Ascham gave a thought-provoking lecture on the significance of the Deuterocanonical Books in Lutheran tradition. He revealed the fact, hitherto unknown to me, that these books remained part of the Lutheran Bible in Norway, being published as an appendix, until our country’s Bible Society found itself sponsored by the Anglican Bible Society of the UK. There is a story to be discovered here.

Next, I had the pleasure of conversing with Kristine Dingstad, director of the publishing house of St Olav, about the importance of the Bible in general and more concretely about the new Bible.

You can find a recording of the evening here. Anders Aschim’s lecture begins at ’48:40. My conversation with Kristine Dingstad begins at ‘1:46:10. Both contributions are, I fear, in Norwegian only.


The persevering engagement with Scripture is a key element of monastic life. Here is the prioress of Tautra deep engaged in this exercise, this encounter.